Frequently Asked Questions

The first step is usually to obtain a GP referral letter for a private neurology consultation. If you have private medical insurance, then you will need authorisation from the insurer beforehand.

Afterwards, please contact us from the Book Appointment page or at and we will discuss a suitable appointment time and location.

All that is necessary is to bring yourself, but it is useful to bring the following with you:

  • GP referral letter
  • Previous neurology letters
  • Prescription with current medicines (or the medicines themselves)


If you are being seen for blackouts or suspected seizures, then it is helpful to bring a friend or family member who has seen the episodes. If you are being seen for changes in thinking, memory or concentration, then it is helpful to talk to a member of your household as well.

Yes, of course. Please email us at with any suggestions.

Your personal and clinical data are stored securely on a personal computer encrypted drive with a separate physical backup. No data are stored online or outside the UK.

The only exception to this is your email correspondence with us which may not be encrypted and is stored on email servers.

More information is available in my Privacy Notice.